TALENT PRIZE 2008 – 2017

On 12 December at 6.30 pm, at the MACRO in via Nizza, the exhibition of the tenth edition of the Talent Prize, the annual Inside Art prize dedicated to young artists, opens. This year, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the award, not only the works of the winner, the finalists and the special prizes of 2017 will be exhibited, but the works of the winners who have marked the history of the competition from 2008 to today will also be presented to the public. .
The jury, made up of the historic members of the award and new directors and curators of the most important contemporary art institutions, nominated Davide Monaldi as the winner with his work Wallpaper. A trompe l’oeil with which the artist gives three-dimensionality to a two-dimensional element, exploring the potential of a material belonging to tradition. In fact, the artist’s research revolves around the sculptural transposition of everyday objects, ironically investigating the use of ceramics in contemporary art.

The project rooms on the first floor of the Roman museum host the works of the nine finalists of the tenth edition, representatives of the various artistic categories. With an installation, Davide Allieri with Billdor, Marco Strappato with Untitled (Ground), Jacopo Rinaldi with closed circuit reached the final. Excerpts from Harald Szeemann in his archive, Luca Resta with Superposition. Representing the sculpture section together with the winner Monaldi is Simona Andrioletti who arrives in the final with the work Belvedere, while two artists selected in the photography category: Cosimo Veneziano with The Monument in the age of Berlusconi and Alberto Sinigaglia with Cloud # Teapot. There are also two spokespersons for the video section: Simone Cametti with the work Tina and the German Patrik Thomas with Hotel Desterro while no artist appears to represent the painting section.

Studio # 1 on the upper floor hosts Davide Monaldi’s wallpaper and the 2017 special prizes, selected by the main supporters of the Talent Prize. First of all, the Third Pillar Foundation – Italy and the Mediterranean which decided to reward Andreco with the work Between Nations. The UTOPIA special prize, a leading company in Italy in the integrated activity of Institutional Relations, Communication, Legal Affairs & Lobbying, was instead awarded to the IOCOSE collective with the work Drone Memorial. In the same room will be exhibited the work What does not let you sleep at night by Diego Miguel Mirabella, awarded by Spazio Cima, a lively Roman reality that hosts exhibitions and events related to contemporary culture. Finally, together with them, Fabrizio Bellomo with the series of Untitled portraits selected by the publisher Guido Talarico as the Inside Art special prize.

Finally, studio # 2 presents to the public the works of the winners of the Talent Prize from 2008 to 2017. These are artists who in recent years have developed their research distinguishing themselves on the national and international scene. Starting with Rä di Martino with the photograph Untitled (Marilyn) from 2008, and then continuing, in chronological order with David Casini and his sculpture Genera, Giovanni Ozzola with Superficiale – Under my skin, Giulio Delvè with Black dog. And again Danilo Correale with The visible hand – The future in Their hands, 2011-2012, up to more recent works such as 2Estate by Gian Maria Tosatti, Dominium Melancholiae by Antonio Fiorentino and Sparkling Matter by Matteo Nasini.

Participating in the selection was the historical jury composed of Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, president of the homonymous Foundation, Ludovico Pratesi, Curator and art critic, Federica Pirani, art historian and head of exhibition planning of the Capitoline Superintendence, Marcello Smarrelli, director art of the Ermanno Casoli Foundation and the Pastificio Cerere Foundation, Anna d’Amelio Carbone, director of the Memmo Contemporary Art Foundation, Rocco Guglielmo, artistic director of the Marca Museum of Catanzaro, Guido Talarico, director and publisher of Inside Art, together with seven new jurors Peter Benson Miller, Artistic Director of the American Academy in Rome, Joachim Blüher, Director of the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo, Fabio Cavallucci, Director of the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato, Giovanni Giuliani, President of the Giuliani Foundation for contemporary art, Rome, Gianluca Marziani, Artistic Director Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive S poleto, Charlotte Morel, Director of Visual Arts in the city of Lille, Chiara Parisi, Curator of contemporary art exhibitions at Villa Medici, Roberta Tenconi, Curator Pirelli HangarBicocca Milano.


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