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Andrea Conte (Rome, 1978) director at Studio Andreco, works between art, science and environmental, social and climatic justice related themes. Andrea Conte is a visual artist and also an environmental engineer PhD specialise in sustainability and resources management in different climate conditions, he did Post. Doc researches on green technologies and Nature Based Solutions for urban sustainability collaborating with the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and the Columbia University of New York City. His artistic research is focused on the relation between the humans and the ecosystem and between the built environment and the landscape. Since 2000 Andreco is researching between science, ecology, activism, urbanism, anthropology, philosophy, biology and symbolism, on the base of this transdisciplinary researches he creates a conceptual and visual language. Climate Art Project is one of his main projects about Art and Climate Actions. FLUMEN, is his project related to the rivers and the wetlands conservation and environmental advocacy.  Both of the projects are developed in collaboration with research centers, cultural institutions, universities, environmental groups and local communities. Andrea Conte uses many techniques to represent his art, from public installations to videos, performances or wall paintings, drawings and storytelling. Studio Andreco worked for international  museums, galleries, Biennials and Festivals; won the special price of the “Talent Prize 2017” at Macro Museum of Contemporary art of Rome, 2016, the international price for rural regeneration Jazzi, Selected Artist for the Gran Tour d’Italie of the Ministry of Culture MIBAC 2019, Selected for the Italian Oscar prize for the environmental communication 2019 related to Climate Change.

Mentor and/or Lecturer at:

University of Bologna, Columbia University New York, La Sorbonne University Paris, Sapienza University Rome, IUAV Venice, Ca’Foscari University Venice, UPF Barcelona, Trento University, Roma Tre University Rome, Berlin School of Economics and Low, Bologna Business School, NABA Milan, University of Ferrara, Floating University Berlin, Unidee (Fondazione Pistoletto) Biella, MAXXI Rome, Pecci Center for the Contemporary Art Prato, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Roma.

Shows and Festivals

Malta Biennale of Art 2024; Institute of Art and Design – Shanghai, China, 2023; Xfarm Land Art – Sculpture park – Art and community for environmental action, San Vito dei Normanni Puglia, Philadelphia, USA, 2023; Node, Fondazione Merz, Torino, 2023; FLUMEN, screening Tiberina, MAXXI Roma 2022; Ordo Naturalis Ordo Artificialis, Fondazione Merz, Cantieri Culturali della Zisa, Palermo 2022; Back to Nature, Dip. Cultura e Sovrintendenza Capitolina, Villa Borghese, Roma 2020; Future Landscape, Auditorium Arte, Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma 2019; Climate 05 – Reclaim Air And Water, Start Foundation and Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New Delhi, India, 2019; Venice Biennial of Architecture 2018, Arcipelago Italia, Italian Pavillion, curated by Mario Cuccinella; Mappe, Sguardi sui Confini – Triennale di Milano e Palazzo Litta Cultura, Mibac, Milan; Floating University Berlin, Workshop and performance, curated by Raum Labor, Berlin Tempelhof; Independents Festival MAXXI Rome, The Plants are Revolutionaries – Museo di Scienza ed Arte, Palazzo Poggi, Art City Polis, Artefiera, curated by Angela Vettese, Bologna 2018, Parata della Fine – Centro per L’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Prato, 2017; Talent Prize – MACRO, via Nizza, Roma 2017; Revolution Minute, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2017; CLIMATE 04 – in Collaboration with CNR-ISMAR, Ca’Foscari and IUAV, Venice 2017; Unearth – Museo MUSAS, Santarcangelo di Romagna, 2017; Altrove Festival, Catanzaro 2017, Back to the Land – Galleria Studio la Città Verona 2016; The Rockslide and the Woods – Centrale Fies 2016; L’Erba Cattiva – Santarcangelo dei Teatri, 2015; Nuart 2014 Norvegia; Parade for the Landscape – Progetto GAP, Ramdom, Gagliano 2014; From Clouds to rocks – Traffic Gallery Bergamo 2013; Urban Legend – MACRO pelanda Rome 2013, ORTICA The Organic theme in Contemporary Art – MACRO testaccio Rome 2013; Dockville 2013, Hamburg, Germany; Dolomiti contemporanee 2013, We Folk – Drodesera Centrale Fies 2012; Cuore di Pietra 2010-15; Videoart Yearbook 2007-14; Frontier Bologna 2012; Museo di Lissone 2013; Glastonbury festival 2008 UK; PopUP!Ancona 2007-08; Mapping Festival Switzerland; Robot Festival, Grassi Museum di Leipzig 2007 Germany.

Public Collections:

Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
MAMbo, Museum of Art Bologna
Fondazione Del Monte, Bologna
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Lissone, Comune di Lissone (MB)
KORA. Museo pubblico del contemporaneo, Castrignano (Lecce)
MUSAS – (Santarcangelo di Romagna)
MUDIAC – Museo Diffuso d’Arte Contemporanea, Catanzaro.
Centrale Fies, performance collection, Dro, (Trento)
UNIBO – Bologna Business School, Scultura “Fresh Water”, Bologna
Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Scultura “Landmark”, Bologna

Artist Talks, Workshops, Seminars

Lecture: Arte, scienza ed ecologia politica, Dottorato, DICEA, Sapienza, Roma, 2023
Lecture: Arte ed ecologia politica. Filosofia estetica dell’arte contemporanea, Naba, Roma, 2023
Talk: Imaginarium: How Creative Industries are reshaping sustainability, Fondazione Catella, Milan, 2023
Lecture: A Proposito di Futuro, Climate Art Project, Human Technopole, MIND, Milan, 2023
Talk and Screening – FLUMEN – TIBERINA, premier, MAXXI, Rome, 2022
Debate – Ecopolitiche – Goethe Institute Rome, 2022
Debate – Forestazione urbana e ville storiche: la natura come chiave per lo sviluppo urbano, Palazzo Merulana, Roma, 2022
Symposium – Climate Change and Art – EDI, Global Forum for Education and Integration. Fondazione Morra Greco, 2021
Talk – Understanding Our Climate Emergency Through Art and Aesthetics, UPF Barcelona, 2021
Talk – Plants in an Urban Ecosystem, a project between Art and Science; Congress: Agri-food, Forestry and Bio-based Industry, Ecomondo Fair – New Green Technologies – Rimini, Italy, 2021Symposio – Climate Change and Art – EDI, Global Forum for Education and Integration. 2021
Artist Talk – Understanding Our Climate Emergency Through Art and Aesthetics, UPF Barcelona, 2021
Artist Talk – Plants in an Urban Ecosystem, a project between Art and Science; Congress: Agri-food, Forestry and Bio-based Industry, Ecomondo Fair – New Green Technologies – Rimini, Italy, 2021
Artist Talk – Environmental sustainability in the cultural and creative sectors, Foundation Fitzcarraldo, Turin, 2021
Artist Talk – New European Bauhaus: Urban Natural Ecosystems Co-production, Urban Innovation Foundation, Bologna, 2021
Artist Talk – International Transdisciplinary Conference 2021: SHAPE-ID Parallel Event – Building a Culture of Transdisciplinary Research in Europe. Recommendations for EU policy makers, Swiss Academy of Art and Science.
Artist Talk – Art and Technologies for Climate Change, S+T+ARTS, Nesta, EU commission, Polo del 900, Torino, 2021
Mentor and Lecturer – Unidee (Fondazione Pistoletto) Art, science and environment, from theory to practice, design of a public intervention related to the Cervo River in area of Biella, Piedmont. 2020-2021
Artist Talk – Flumen Project – Climate Art Project – Climate Action for rivers and green spaces in Rome – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Fondazione Palaexpo – Rome, 2021
Mentor and Lecture – Academy of Art of Bologna – Design artistic intervention related to public spaces and green areas in the city of Bologna. 2021 (also in 2010 and 2014)
Mentor and Lecturer – Mestiere delle Arti 2021 – Mentor for emerging artists and cultural managers – Design Artistic intervention related to urban, rural regeneration and Industrial transition. Ferrara, Italy 2020-2021
Mentor for student thesis in art and science, in collaboration with Mambo Museum and ENEA, for the International master degree at School of Architecture and Engineering – University of Bologna 2020-2021
Web talk and debate – Città Futura (Future City)- Brainstorming | CHANGE. Architecture. Cities. Life. Organized by Open City Roma, OAPPC Roma, Fondazione MAXXI, supported by MIBACT-DGAAP. 2020
Seminar – Omaggio all’Ecosistema – Environmental Humanities, Philosophy, Roma Tre University, 2020
Artist Talk – Climate Art Project – Alliance, Solidarity, Friendship, Independent Summit – MAXXI, Rome, Italy 2020
Webinar – Arte, Scienza ed Ambiente al tempo della Crisi Climatica, Ambientale e Sanitaria – Climate Reality Project
Artist Talk, Le Grand Tour d’Italie – Mibac, L’Aquila, 2019
Artist Talk – Public Art and Architecture – Architects Order, Casa Mata – Ravenna 2019
Artist Talk – FUTURE CLIMATE. Short Theatre Festival, Panorama Roma. 2019
Artist Talk – FUTURE CLIMATE. ‘What if? Counterfactual Explorations and Thought Experiments, Swiss Institute, Rome
Artist Talk e seminario – Arte, Scienza e Sostenibilità ambientale – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato,
Artist Talk – WATER – Art Projects related to Water Resources – Museo Nazionale della Montagna – Torino, 2019
Artist Talk – Mappe, Sguardi sui Confini – Palazzo Litta Cultura, MIBAC, Milan, 2018
Artist talk – Arte e Resilienza – at Resilienze Festival Bologna with Lorenzo Balbi. Bologna
Workshop – Flags – Installation and Performance in the Public Space, Floating University Berlin, Tempelhof, Berlin, 2018
Artist Talk and debate – Climate Art Project presentation – Open European Day – Resilient Cities 2018 – Bonn, 2018
Artist Talk – Plantae – Conferenza transdisciplinare tra arte scienza e filosofia – Biblioteca Angelica di Roma, 2018
Simposio – ART, SCIENCE AND ECOLOGY IN THE ANTROPOCENE – Arte Fiera, Bologna, 2018;
Workshop – Mestiere delle Arti – Arte e Rigenerazione Urbana – Intrepida – Produzione di un’installazione ed una performance per l’Ex Teatro Verdi di Ferrara. Per il Comune di Ferrara e la Regione Emilia Romagna, 2017 – 2018
Simposio – Arte e Scienza ai Tempi dei Cambiamenti Climatici – Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, 2017;
Artist Talk – per il Laboratorio d’Arte Contemporanea IUAV della Prof.ssa Angela Vettese, 2017;
Artist Talk – Berlin Art Week, Business School of Economics and Law, Belin, 2017;
Artist Talk and member of the Jury of CLIMATHON 2017, Arte e Scienza per il Clima, Climate Kic e CMCC, Venezia, 2017;
Artist Talk – Media Art festival – MAXXI, Roma, 2017;
Artist Talk and Workshop – Gaia Tudo Mundo, Gaia, Portugal, 2017;
Artist Talk and Video Screening – Xeneide, Il Dono, curated by: Stalker – Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma 2017;
Artist Talk – Arte e Scienza ai Tempi dei Cambiamenti Climatici – Studio la Città, Verona, 2016;
Artist Talk – Desertificazione – TEDxBari – Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari, 2016;
Artist Talk and presentation of Climate project, at Philosophy of Art at course La Sorbonne University, Paris, 2015;
Seminar – Corso di progettazione di opere d’arte pubblica site specific, Finisterrae. Arte pubblica nelle terre estreme – Ramdom, Gagliano del Capo e Santa Maria di Leuca, 2014;
Seminario – Artist talk and workshop per “Arte pubblica dalla teoria all’azione” di Mili Romano e Roberto da Olio – Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna 2010, 2014;
Artist Talk – Nuart Festival 2014, Stavanger, Norway, 2014;
Seminar “Urban Green Technologies” – Facoltà di Ingegneria Università di Bologna, 2009 – 2013,
Seminar “Urban Green Technologies” – Facoltà di Ingegneria Università di Università di Ferrara,
Seminar “Urban Green Technologies” – Facoltà di Ingegneria Università di Università la Sapienza, Architettura (Rieti),
Seminar “Tecnologie Appropriate per la Cooperazione Internazionale” – Università di Bologna, 2009 – 2013,
Seminar “Tecnologie Appropriate per la Cooperazione Internazionale” – Università di Ferrara;
Seminar “Tecnologie Appropriate per la Cooperazione Internazionale” – Università di Trento,
Talk – “SMART GREEN: green infrastructures for a resilient City, environmental behaviours of green roofs and sustainable storm water management” “Smart City Exhibition” Fiera di Bologna, 2013;
Talk – “Urban green technologies. Green wall, vertical gardens and green roofs, for Urban sustainability. (Master Class for Civil and Environmental engineering students) Università di Bologna, Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura;
Talk – “En Experimental green roof for the University of Bologna, Behaviour and the latest research aspects and innovations”. (Lectures for PhD students and researchers) Università di Bologna, Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura;
Talk – Water management in the SMART CITIES. Green roof and UGT. Tetti verdi, best practices e strumenti di pianificazione nella gestione della risorsa idrica in ambito urbano. ECOMONDO, Rimini, 2012;
Talk – Tetti verdi e altre tecnologie appropriate per l’acqua. Casi di studio a New York e in Italia, ACCADUEO 2012, Ferrara.


12 – TIBERINA, Parade for the Tiber River, 2022 – 30’ | Trailer 2’26’’
11 – Displacement, 2021, 8’37’’
10 – The State of Matter, 2021, – Trailer 3’58’’
9 – Reclaim Air and Water in Delhi, 2019, 8’37’’
8 – FURRINA, 2018, 5’50’’ Teaser
7 – The End Parade, Parata della Fine, 2017, 12’57’’
6 – One and Only – (Unica e Indivisibile ) 2016, 5’
5 – Andreco, Rockslide and the wood, 2016, 5’39’’
4 – Andreco, L’Erba Cattiva – Bad Grass Never Die, 2015, 3’59’’
3 – Parade for the Landscape, 2014, 3’:50’’
2 – بلدي قبيلة.  My Tribe, 2013 – 4’:35’’  (with Manuel Moruzzi)
1 – Le visioni di Sebastiano o l’Apocalisse di Michelino 2007 (with Manuel Moruzzi)

Scientific committee, Board and Research group

Tutor for SUPERBLAST Art Prize – Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence, 2021
Forum dell’Arte Contemporanea Italiana 2020 – Tavolo 2 e Tavolo 4
Member of the Jury for Climathon – with CMCC and Climate Kic, Venice, 2017.
Member of the Jury of Future Film Festival, Bologna, 2016.
Participant at Creative Climate Leadership at COP24, organised by Julie’s Bicycle, Poland, 2019
Scientific committee member for develop the guidelines for the certification LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), GBC (Green Building Council Italy) GA (water saving), (From 05/2013 to 05/2014).
Member of – US Green Building Council, (From 2011 to 2013).
Research Consultant – Urban Green Technologies – CIRI Energy and Environment, University of Bologna, (2014).
Post Doc. Research fellow – Green Infrastructures for Urban Sustainability – Department of Civil Chemical Environmental and Materials Engineering – DICAM – University of Bologna. (From 2012 to 2013).
PhD visiting researcher – Part of the project “Quantifying the Fundamental Behaviours of Green Roofs in a Urban Environment” Made by Columbia University, NASA and City of New York. Funded by National science Foundation (NSF) and Environmental protection Agency (EPA), New York City. (From 2011 to 2012).
Project Engineer – part of the Columbia University Studio “GAME CHANGER FOR THE FUTURE CITY” for the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Urban Design Lab GSAPP, Columbia University, New York City. (2011)
Researcher – Part of the University of Bologna DICAM research group: “Valorizzazione delle risorse primarie e secondarie” (best practices for the renewable resources management and waste management) under SEAS professor Alessandra Bonoli. (From 2009 to 2013).
Scientific supervisor for the project REW-SA Renewable Energy South Africa, a project for developing international businesses between 13th Companies from the Italian Region Emilia-Romagna, The University of Bologna and the South African Institutions on the field of green buildings and Renewable Energy generation. (from 04/13 to 05/13)
PhD – “Best Practices and Technologies for the Water and Energy management and saving in urban and rural environment”- School of Civil Engineer and Architecture, Department of Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering. DICAM. University of Bologna. Italy. (From 2009 to 2012)
Founder Member of Engineering without borders Bologna (From 2003 to 2007).
Part of the Temporary-in Architect Studio, winner of the “New Italian blood 2013 award”, Top 10 landscape architecture studio under 36.


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– Bonoli, Conte, Rosati. Valutazione ex-post di un progetto di cooperazione internazionale allo sviluppo per l’approvvigionamento idrico e la sicurezza alimentare delle comunità indigene Sutiaba del Municipio di Leon, Nicaragua. (DICAM Bologna, 2010)
– Bonoli, Pitilino, Conte, Corapi. La valorizzazione dei prodotti locali e le tecnologie appropriate come strumenti per lo sviluppo economico: Caso studio nel sud del Marocco (DICAM Bologna, 2010)
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– Conte, Bonoli, Garfi’, Mancini. Water, a primary resource at the core of the world debate. Study of a project for water supply in the Brazilian semi-arid regions. Analysis of water quality. (DICAM Bologna, 2006)

Interviews and Articles

A. Rivista Anarchica – Le bandiere nere della Natura, 2018
Aparte – Materiali Irregolari di cultura Libertaria – 14.36 – Andreco, 2019
Artribune – Andreco, in viaggio tra arte, scienza e natura, 2017
Artribune – 7 artisti italiani che lottano per l’ambiente, 2020
Artribune – Andreco: artista, ingegnere e viaggiatore. La sfida di Venezia, 2017
Artribune – Arte e scienza. Andreco invita alla piantumazione collettiva della Riserva Naturale dell’Aniene, 2019
Artribune – Andreco a Parigi, fra arte pubblica e responsabilità ambientale. Il clima e i destini del Pianeta, 2015
Artribune – Nuova installazione pubblica per Andreco. Nelle Serre dei Giardini Margherita, a Bologna, un grande poliedro in ferro celebra il paesaggio, 2015
Artribune – Climate 04 Sea Level Rise. Il progetto di Andreco a Venezia.
Artribune – Arte pubblica (partecipata) in memoria dell’epopea partigiana. Andreco a Pianoro: installazione permanente, con studenti ed anziani. Lavoro, resistenza, liberazione.
Artribune – I wall painting di Andreco, ispirati alla crisi idrica brasiliana: riflessioni sull’ambiente, tra i muri e il paesaggio di San Paolo. 2015
Artribune – Andreco, un murales per Stavanger. Una roccia volante dedicata alla città, 2014
Artribune – “Parata per il Paesaggio”. La performance di Andreco, a S. M. di Leuca. Percorrendo territori di confine, 2014
Artribune – Plantae. A Roma un progetto collaborativo che unisce arte e scienza, 2018
Artribune – Riscoprire le aree verdi di Roma grazie all’arte: ecco il progetto Aquae, 2018
Deutschlandfunk – Andreco
Designboom – Andreco catalyses the climate change discussion through public artwork in Venice, 2017
Exibart – Flumen: il progetto di Andreco sui fiumi di Roma, tra arte e scienza. Simona Isacchini, 2021
Exibart – Lungo le sponde del Tevere: il Flumen di Andreco continua a scorrere. Redazione. 2020
Exibart – Con Flumen, Andreco ci porta lungo le sponde dell’Aniene e del Tevere, 2020
Exibart – Il paesaggio futuro di Andreco a Roma, 2019
Exibart – La “Parata della fine” di Andreco in dialogo con Prato, a metà tra rito pagano e riflessione sulla morte della nostra epoca, 2017
Exibart – Andreco, The Plants Are Revolutionaries Museo Di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna, 2018
Exibart – La “green art” di Andreco, 2018
Exibart – Andreco – Cuore di pietra. Un progetto di Public Art a Pianoro, 2010
ESPRESSO – Festa di Roma, battaglia sul fiume Tevere 2020
Finestre sull’Arte – Andreco Natura Rivoluzionaria – by Stella Cattaneo – N11 2021
Finestre sull’Arte – Quando arte e scienza collaborano: il progetto di Andreco sulla tutela delle acque dei fiumi, 2020
Finestre sull’Arte – Una Toscana stilizzata da 350 metri quadri: è la nuova opera di Andreco, a Firenze, 2020
Finestre sull’Arte – Una ricognizione sul tema del paesaggio nell’arte contemporanea italiana. La mostra “Panorama” a Bologna, 2019
Flash Art – Climate Art Project presenta Flumen. Climate Actions per i parchi e i fiumi a Roma, 2020
Flash Art – Manifattura Tabacchi presenta God Is Green, il festival dedicato alla sostenibilità e al futuro, 2020
Flash Art – Altrove Festival / Catanzaro, 2017
Huffington Post – Il “Double Landscape” di Andreco esposto a Villa Ada, per mostrare come l’arte abbia bisogno della natura
Huff Post – A Venezia l’arte incontra la scienza e fa riflettere la società sui cambiamenti climatici L’artista romano Andreco inaugura la sua opera “CLIMATE 04 Sea Level Rise”, un monito a una città che potrebbe essere sommersa dalle acque.
Il Manifesto – Arte e clima, l’Aula Verde di Andreco, 2021
Il Manifesto -«La mia arte ispirata dal clima», 2019
Il sole 24 ore – Gli artisti portavoce del cambiamento climatico
Insideart – Andreco, Arte e sostenibilità, 2018
Insideart – In una mostra a Palazzo Litta il tema dei confini dal punto di vista di artisti internazionali, 2018
Insideart – Roma, La performance diretta da Andreco, 2018
Insideart – Alla Fondazione del Monte una mostra ripercorre l’evoluzione del paesaggio nell’arte contemporanea 2019
Insideart – Gli ultimi lavori di Andreco tra arte e Scienza, 2019
Insideart – 5 pints – Andreco. Piante. Ecosistema. Società, 2019
Insideart – La Parata Tiberina degli Inizi, 2020
Insideart – The plants are revolutionaries, la mostra di Andreco a Palazzo Poggi, 2018
Insideart – Andreco, 2017
Insideart – Pronti per la quarta edizione del Climate art project 2017
Insideart – Andreco, un intervento di arte urbana per Villa Ada al festival Roma incontra il mondo, 2017
Juxtapoz – Andreco “One and Only” Installation, 2016
Juxtapoz – The Rock Slide and the Woods by Andreco, 2016
Juxtapoz – Andreco in Paris, 2015
Juxtapoz – Nature As Art by Andreco, 2015
Juxtapoz – Andreco: “Flags Up and Tongues Sticked Out”, New Year Eve 2015, Bologna, 2015
Juxtapoz – “L’Erba Cativa (l’an mor mai)”: A Collective performance directed by Andrecoand Motus 2015
Juxtapoz – Andreco “FROM CLOUDS TO ROCKS” @ Traffic Gallery, Bergamo, Italy, 2014
Juxtapoz – Erica il Cane & Andreco in Morocco, 2012
RAI – Ritratto di Andreco: un ingegnere prestato all`arte che non finisce di stupire 2018
RAI – L`ingegnere prestato all`arte che usa lo smog contro lo smog 2020
RAI radio – Non Solo Performing Arts – Andreco
Rivista Natura – Andreco, l’ingegnere artista che racconta i cambiamenti climatici, 2017
Rivista Segno – Grido di Pietra. Climate di Andreco fa tappa a Venezia. 2017
Repubblica – Comprendere il cambiamento climatico con un’opera d’arte: un’installazione sullo scioglimento dei ghiacciai
Repubblica – (tag Andreco )
RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera – Andreco – Science not silence 2019
SKY ARTE – A Nuova Delhi, Andreco usa lo smog per un suo murale 2019
SKY ARTE – Sbarca a Venezia l’artista-ingegnere interessato all’ambiente 2017
SKY ARTE – Il progetto di Andreco tra arte, scienza e ambiente, 2020
SKY ARTE – Il progetto artistico pensato per i parchi e i fiumi di Roma, 2021
SKY ARTE – La street art di Andreco inaugura l’estate fiorentina di Manifattura Tabacchi, 2020
Sky TG 24: Wall painting dell’artista romano Andreco, 2017
Sky TG 24: Giornata della Terra, sulle rive dell’Aniene il land art project ‘Aula Verde’, 2020
Sky TG 24: Nuova Delhi, il murales di Andreco fatto con l’inchiostro di smog, 2019
SKY VIDEO: Un mare da salvare, a Venezia l’opera dell’artista Andreco, 2017
Streetartnews “Climate 05 – Reclaim Air and Water” in Delhi by Andreco

University Students or PhD Thesis

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