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“The Living Mural”
Wall-Drawing with Vertical Garden.
(Natural paint, aluminum cables, climbers plants, soil, dry rocks wall, irrigation system.)

The aluminum cables follow the geometry of the wall-drawing.
at Pistoletto Fundation fot the Project “Hydra” (Painting without paint) curated by “Urbe”.

Finally after five years I did it. It was in my mind since 2010, when I was doing my PhD in environmental engineering, on the environmental behavior of green technologies, green roofs and green walls in particular. At that time I decided to combine the Artistic with the Scientific research doing a mural with an integrated vertical garden. The wall painting is ephemeral and it will change over the time with the plant growth.

“Living Mural”
the mural with plants.

( Natural paint, aluminum cables, earth, climbing plants and dry stone wall. )

I had this project in the pipeline since 2010 when I was doing my PhD in environmental engineering on the environmental benefits of urban green, in particular green roofs and green walls.
At that time, as usual, I was also doing murals and I had decided to combine the two researches, artistic and scientific, by making a mural with an integrated green wall.

The climbing wall will slowly cover the design using a system of aluminum cables which is an integral part of the geometry of the design itself. A dry stone wall built with local stones maintains the earth and the irrigation system necessary for the plants to grow.
The result is a hybrid between an installation project, a green wall and a mural. The Mural was made with ecological paint composed only of natural elements and which uses various oils as binders.
Over the years the plants will cover the design making it ephemeral. This design is also inspired by the rocks found in the area and is part of the “Nature As Art” project that I have been carrying out for several years.

Finally after almost 5 years I had the opportunity to realize the “Living Mural” project and in an appropriate location: the Pistoletto Foundation in Biella. I made it inside “Hydra” (painting without paint) Curated by Urbe.

I sincerely thank: Matteo Rawtella, Serafino, Miliça, Roberto Melis, Michelangelo Pistoletto, The Pistoletto Foundation for making this project possible.


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