LANDMARK – Giardini Margherita – Bologna

“Landmark” is a seven meters sculpture made in iron and climbers plants (Vines, Kiwis, Clematis).
The sculpture is installed in the garden of Giardini Margherita the main park of the city of Bologna, Italy.
The iron part of the sculpture is irregular and all the pieces and the angles are different as in a rocks funded in the Nature. Commissioned by Kilowatt.

(Extract from the press release of 31 July 2015)
An iron sculpture of almost seven metres, a symbolic work for the environment and the territory. A shape that recalls geology and natural forms such as rocks and minerals, designed to be “invaded” and crossed by climbing plants (Vitis vinifera, kiwis and clematis montana) in synergy with the other plants present in the garden. A symbol that aims to contribute to the identity of the project involving the Greenhouses of the Margherita Gardens. A landmark that will change over time: the construction element is therefore left in bare iron to observe the oxidative process and also for the increasingly predominant presence of climbing plants that will grow over the years. In fact, the plants were also selected for their growth and resistance characteristics. Sculptures and installations in open dialogue with nature play an important part of the production of the Roman artist whose training as an environmental engineer and whose studies on the environmental benefits of green technologies in urban areas are increasingly visible in his works. Nature and the landscape are not just subjects represented, but an integral part of an ecological and political reflection.
We thank the following for their technical contribution: Paride Piccinini, Francesca Pretolani, Marco Foglieri.

(Excerpt from Helga Marsala’s article on Artribune)
like a precious monumental polyhedron, Andreco’s large sculpture, a symbolic form that absorbs and reworks inputs arriving from the place and in general from the harmonies of the landscape. Bare iron and dry lines, as if tracing a drawing on a sheet of paper, but exploiting the third dimension and plunging the viewer into the plastic perimeter of a practicable, organic, utopian geometry.
The structure is that of the polyhedron, recurring in Andreco’s iconography and attributable to crystals, rocks and minerals. But the function is the same as an open housing unit, in perfect osmosis with the green space around it, designed to be invaded by vegetation: while the natural oxidative process of the iron will change its appearance, the climbing plants – carefully selected and planted – will take possession of it, progressively alternating its contours and function.
The anomalous monument, which is a tribute to the identity of the place, entrusts the sense of the intersection between infinite processes of nature, scientific vocation and plane of the imagination to an exact and progressive form. For a project that brings together natural sciences, ecology, the politics of common spaces and contemporary art.

intervista su Zero: Intervista ad Andreco, quello del Vecchione e, da oggi, delle Serre dei Giardini Margherita. La sua nuova scultura in ferro è un bellissimo omaggio alla natura.
Articolo su Artribune: Nuova installazione pubblica per Andreco. Nelle Serre dei Giardini Margherita, a Bologna, un grande poliedro in ferro celebra il paesaggio.

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Serre dei Giardini Margherita – Bologna