The Philosophical tree is a 18 meters high wall painting on 5 storage building, made for Frontier Project supported by the City of Bologna and Modern Art Museum (MAMbo)
 and curate by Claudio Musso and Fabiola Naldi.
This wall painting it’s made with a photochemical paint that reduces the pollutant, as the NOx (Nitrogen monoxide), improving the air quality. The wall painted tree works as a natural tree “cleaning” the air and give a little contribute for a better urban environment.
The artwork represent a big tree, inspired from the Philosophical Tree of the Alchemists of the 14th century. In the painting appear also a big egg and a crystal, symbols that represents the transition from the organic to the inorganic material.
“This is just a conceptual artwork not a technical solution, for a better air quality in the urban environment is needed to use less cars, abandon fossil fuels and move to Renewable energy, NOW!”

30 July 2012
#ecology #newmuralism #publicart #streetart

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Frontier Project, Bologna