Compared to a time when there were different cities, territories and geographic places, today we find ourselves living with unique and stereotyped models, which have generated flows of amalgamated images and superimposed on different landscapes. We are thus faced with a unique vision, where the broken lines of the coasts or those curves of the promontories have come to coincide and the colors of nature have inexorably mixed, generating a loss of information that translates into a modular residue of a “difficult” landscape. “. On the other hand, the vision of a wild and spontaneous nature reflects the organization and society preferred by the two artists, and beyond. In Nomadic Landscape Elements Coclite and Andreco have acted by subtraction on everything that surrounds them, to obtain a fragment in which there is a glimmer of pure identity. The exhibition in Adjacenze comes to life from this fragment: through various media such as video, photography, installation and painting, the two artists propose a journey between nature and the artificial world: they force visitors to turn their gaze towards plants and symbolic figures, among the plots of trees or on the horizon of the sea, unhinging the connotations of recognizability and characterization of the landscape. Together, Coclite and Andreco take possession of the three rooms of Adjacency, bringing their research and style inside together with scientific study, never completely disconnected from the importance of signs and symbols, healthy bearers of the limelight of the relationship between man and nature: everything this allowed the two artists to undertake this project and to ask themselves some fundamental questions for the realization of the current state of the landscape, both “external” and “internal”.


duo show with Luca Coclite