ARVORES – performance – Portugal

ÁRVORES – performance dedicated to the burned trees by the wild fires. *
directed by ANDRECO

ÁRVORES was inspired by the Portuguese poetry and the scientific studies about the extreme heat waves due by Climate Change.

The Italian artist ANDRECO focuses his research on the relationship between the human being and nature, between the built environment and the natural landscape, which translates into the creation of symbologies that appear through different media.

At Gaia he was in charge of the great collective performance that opened the first edition of GTM – Gaia todo um mundo.

Words by the artist: “The improve of Heat Flows, Dry Lands, Desertification and Wild Fires are the most evident consequences of climate Change in Portugal. I said this during my talk on Art Activism and Climate Change for the GTM Forum Saturday 17th 2017 a day before the fires in Portugal. Woodland management, humid areas, permaculture, green infrastructures are needed for a resilient scenario able to contrast the climate crisis. Action now.”