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These days in Milan is opening MIND, Milano Innovation District, the new scientific research and innovation pole. A multidisciplinary project between urban planning, art, green and blue design, place making and social practices to transform the public space in an innovative and inspiring location to live. In this area there are two new large paintings, made for the community by Andrea Conte – Studio Andreco: ISLANDS and The UNKNOWN. Two public artworks produced by Lendlease and made in collaboration with Lendlease, LAND, Migliore + Servetto Architects. 

Andrea Conte and Studio Andreco specifically conceived and realized for MIND area two large floor paintings – for a total of approx. 1700sqm – both inspired by technology and scientific research, as well as by Nature and Environment acknowledge.

While in the central area of the Decumano, Islands is focussing on the global heath and solar reflection, and Nature Based Solutions; the painting The Unknown in the Tree of Life area is an homage to what there is still to explore, the abyss, and the infinite connections of research and innovative development defined as roots of plants as well as neuronal activities.

Studio Andreco invites the audience through these paintings to both pay attention and act for a better understanding of our planet.

Thanks to all those we collaborated in the recent months.

Giulia Bonisoli Denza – Laura Pellegrinelli – Mara Servetto – Riccardo Mara – Giuliana Bonifati – Stefano Minini – Serena Basso

Master plan Mario Cucinella Architects

Arexpo s.p.a. Human Technopole Università degli Studi di Milano

Floor drawing


Climate Art Project


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Foto di / Photos by Gianluca Di Ioia

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