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WATER TALKS | conversazioni d’acqua
museums narrate a global challenge
curated by Claudia Pecoraro
with the support of ACQUA FOUNDATION

There are water-related artefacts in the collections of all museums.

Water has been an essential element of human life and society since ancient times, and many
cultures have developed a deep connection with the element. Water-related objects can include
works of art, archaeological finds, scientific instruments, historical artefacts and more – all of
which help to tell the story of the history and importance of water in different cultures and eras.
Museums, which are now more than ever important sites for debating the great urgencies of the
contemporary world, could help to raise awareness of the water issue and become ambassadors
in addressing water-related challenges to raise awareness and engage wider and wider audiences.
The WATER TALKS project will run from February to April 2024 and will consist of five itinerant and
site-specific encounters in five museums of Roma Capitale, protagonists of a multidisciplinary dialogue exploring the multiple dimensions of water:

– Ara Pacis Museum;

– Mercati di Traiano; Museo dei Fori Imperiali;

– Centrale Montemartini;

– Museum of Rome, Palazzo Braschi;

– Capitoline Museums.



Andrea Conte (Andreco), Alfredo Jaar, Dry Ocean, Marzia Migliora, Justin Randolph Thompson, Jermay Michael Gabriel, Studio Azzurro.

Museums Curators:

Lucia Cianciulli, Donatella Germanò, Barbara Nobiloni, Lucia Spagnuolo and Ilaria Miarelli Mariani, Direttrice dei Musei Civici della Sovrintendenza Capitolina.


Valentina Brinis, Alessandro Corsini, Ilaria Gaspari, Andrea Lerda, Matteo Lucchetti, Barbara Nardacchione, Rosario Pavia, Bartolomeo Schirone, Lorenzo Teodonio, Maria Cristina Tullio.

The curators of each museum have been asked to select from their own collections an object or group of objects related to the theme of water.

Each meeting will begin with the presentation of the selected objects, made by the curators
themselves, which will then be put into dialogue with a prominent artist who has worked
significantly on the theme and two experts, researchers and activists.

The aim is to re-read the museum’s collections from a contemporary perspective, in parallel with
the artist’s contemporary works, and to promote greater understanding and awareness of the
theme of water, encouraging in-depth reflection on the sustainable use of this vital resource for our planet.
Curatorship: Claudia Pecoraro
Scientific Supervision: Andrea Conte (Andreco)
Press Office: Maria Bonmassar
Video documentation: Monkeys Video Lab
Graphic: Studio Natale
impact assessment: Gloria Romanello



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