curated by
Sara Alberani


from Thursday 18 April to Saturday 18 May 2019

AUDITORIUMARTE – Auditorium Parco della Musica – Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30, Rome

Hours: Mon-Sat 17 – 21 | Sunday and Holidays 10 am – 9 pm – Free admission


Future Landscape is the title of the exhibition by the artist Andreco at the AuditoriumArte, curated by the art historian Sara Alberani and promoted by Climate Art Project, a research path between art and science on climate change inaugurated in the context of global activism actions for counteract the serious ecological crises that threaten the planet.
The initiative is part of the program EUREKA!ROMA2019 promoted by Roma Capitale and created in collaboration with SIAE.

The exhibition space becomes the place in which to take care of the landscape of the present, therefore of the future, working on environmental research from a symbolic and scientific point of view.
The plant is at the center of the space for its therapeutic abilities against pollutants: from a living being it is transformed within the artistic context as “Nature as Art”, a consolidated practice of the artist, underlining its procedural and phytoremediation role in comparisons of the anthropic impact on the environment.

In the exhibition itinerary, fern and hemp plants give life to real trenches of resistance to the pollutants present in the soil and are chosen on the basis of scientific studies based on Phytoremediation and Nature Based Solutions. The plant, often mistakenly conceived as being fragile and passive due to its fixity to the ground, is highlighted for its great adaptability, vitality and metamorphosis of the substances within the ecosystem in which it lives. Ecosystem as a “living being”, able to organize and re-organize itself continuously thanks to relationships of symbiosis, complementarity, cyclicality, in which the plant is in constant relationship with the soil, the atmosphere, the animal species and obviously the action of man.

Within this landscape, numerous works of art: photographs, tapestries, sculptures and videos guide the visitor in the relationships between humans, plants and minerals; elements that the artist translates into highly symbolic and celebratory actions, for a militancy – always mediated by poetic aspects – towards the environment. Tapestries with slender and solid plants as weapons of resistance; air that turns into earth, stones, rain; mountains whose crevices are human beings devoted to its boulders; parades in which to celebrate the defense of spontaneous and native plants. A transition from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism, a praise to nature that distances itself from a contemplative approach, to build an alternative to the man-nature dichotomy.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a public program of scientific research on the role of phytoremediation of plants in some urban green areas, allowing the work of art to return to its reclamation action directly in the territories examined.


Public Program:

April 29 – May 10 | Research, scientific surveys, sampling and characterization of the soil at the Parco dell’Aniene Nature Reserve – activities by reservation only;
14 May 2019 6 pm | AuditoriumArte
Scientific conference – talk Remediation: soil and air through plants, a dialogue between art and science, with the participation of the scientific partners of the project;
May 19th from 3pm to 7pm | Casa del Parco, Via Vicovaro snc, Rome
Collective finishing and planting in the area of ​​the Parco dell’Aniene Nature Reserve, with return of the results of the research and exploratory walk.


Scientific partners: IBPM, CNR, IRET, DIBAF, Together for the Aniene onlus, La Sapienza University of Rome, Dept. of Biology and Biotechnology Charles Darwin, University of Tuscia,
Production and loan of works: Centrale FIes, Santarcangelo Festival, Centro Pecci, Traffic Gallery, Studio La Città, Altrove Festival, St + Art India Foundation.
Technical sponsor: Cannabe, Idroponica.


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AuditoriumArte – Roma