Art Stop Monti is a project born in 2017 with the aim of artistically connoting the Cavour Metro station thanks to the involvement of professionals in the fields of arts, graphics, design and communication, who have been called to create works on the billboards located at the entrances to the subway.
The artist Rub Kandy created #inthemoodforloverome, the light sculptures still present in the station.

The project aims at the appropriation of space through art to change the perception of a place conceived exclusively as a transit.

The theme of this third edition will be dedicated to the PRESENT.
In the past few months, we’ve been living in a completely different world than what we were used to.
We have been forced to live indoors, without the possibility of going out and meeting our friends and loved ones, living in a suspended time.

PRESENTE is meant to be a call to appeal, a loud response and a call to action.
Art stop monti answers PRESENTE and returns to show art accompanying the journey of many people.

The third edition was inaugurated by the artist Andreco who presents a unique project: two billboards in the station and the work on the terrace above the entrance to the Metro.
The works of the 5 selected artists will take place approximately every 6 weeks.
Each artist involved will try his hand at the realization of a project for both billboards present in the stations.

The work of the artist Andreco, entitled Confluences, – WHERE THE ANIENE AND THE TIBER MEET – is a tribute to the territory: the Tiber that meets the Aniene and its natural outlet, the Mediterranean. The gaze of passers-by will be transported along its banks, as if following a nautical map that shows the route of the main artery of Rome. An artery that is not asphalt, but water and created by nature, and has always been present.
The work is part of a network of works on rivers that the artist is carrying out at an international level, to raise awareness of the environment and climate and the importance of protecting the environment. The intention is to return a new imagery of rivers, green corridors, meeting and socializing places and part of the urban ecosystem to be protected. “Preserving the river means preserving the environment, health and well-being of the city and its inhabitants.”

Rivers and boulders – explains the artist – are very dear to me, everywhere I try to pay homage to them to overturn the famous anthropocentric hierarchy that sees man first, then animals, then plants and finally mineral and inorganic matter. This vision has caused a rapid loss of biodiversity and a strong alteration of ecosystems, leading us to the current environmental, climatic and health crisis. My works want to shift this hierarchy, putting geologies and inanimate rocks first. Plants, animals and humans should coexist in a mutualistic and symbiotic form. The ambition of my works is to change the human point of view from anthropocentric to ecocentric.


floor painting + billboards




Art Stop Monti – Stazione Metro Cavour – Roma