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The appointments of Flumen continue, the Andreco project and the Climate Art Project, to get to know the rivers and parks of Rome: next stops on the Tiber and at the Baruchello Foundation

Andreco – Parata Tiberina – produzione di Fondazione Romaeuropa in collaborazione con Teatro dell’Opera e l’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia per la Festa di Roma di Roma Capitale.

What happens to the rivers and parks of Rome? To monitor the situation of these precious ecosystems, an artist and engineer specialized in environmental sustainability, for some time engaged in actions that aim not only at raising awareness of people but also at the knowledge of the specific characteristics of environments and microclimates besieged by urbanization and pollution . You will have understood that this is Andreco who, with Flumen – Climate Actions for parks and rivers in Rome between Art and Science , a project presented together to the cultural association Climate Art Project and winner of the EUREKA Public Notice! ROMA2020-2021- 2022, continues to take us to discover areas such as those of the Aniene , the Tiber and the Veio Park, spaces so close to the everyday city and just as little known, as well as even more fundamental for our existence.

«It is urgent to restore value to rivers and green areas, crucial elements for the life of cities, their inhabitants and the whole planet. Rivers and green spaces favor the mitigation of temperatures and the heat island effect, the absorption of CO2 and the improvement of air quality and biodiversity, they are green and blue corridors, vectors for sustainable mobility and a point meeting and socializing for citizens. We believe it is fundamental to raise awareness and disseminate scientific knowledge related to environmental issues, rivers and green spaces, to fuel a trans-disciplinary cultural debate and to build a truly sustainable society “, explained Andreco, who recently presented one of his installations. a “Back To Nature”, contemporary art project in Villa Borghese .

First appointment of this new cycle, on 18 September, at 10, in via Vitorchiano, in Rome, at Flaminio Sporting Club. The public is invited by Flumen and Arpa Lazio to continue sampling the waters of the Tiber already begun by Andreco at July. Together with the researchers, the participants will sample and analyze the waters of the Tiber, Arpa Lazio will take care of the acquisition of analysis and raw data to be used as a starting point for comparing the data obtained during the research phase. The organization of participatory monitoring days will allow the public to follow and learn about the different phases and techniques of water and soil sampling by taking an active part in the research work in the field.

We then continue on Saturday, September 19, from 10 to 15:30, inside the Veio Park (Town Hall XIV), for a guided tour of the fields of the structure, organized by the Climate Art Project Association and Aria Spinelli , with a debate on the topic of new sustainable practices in agriculture and Agroforest.

On Thursday, 24 September, from 6.30 pm, at the Gianfranco Baruchello Foundation, a study day will take place that will address the issues developed in the previous meetings. In addition, future planting interventions will be planned, which will be carried out in 2021 in the areas of the Aniene, the Tiber and the Veio Park. Speakers will include, among others, the artists Andreco and Gianfranco Baruchello, the curators Sara Alberani , Aria Spinelli, Carla Subrizi , the researchers and teachers Laura Passatore, Simona Ceschin , Patrizia Brunetti, Francesca Pietroni and Marta del Giudice .

Monday 28 September from 10 to 12 the Casa del Parco in the nature reserve in the Aniene Valley, an environmental didactic laboratory and sampling of the waters of the Aniene river will take place. Middle school students from the I.C. Piazza Filattiera 84 in Rome which together with Arpa Lazio will carry out an analysis of the water, the sampling process and the processing of the collected data.

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