|| FLAGS ||
The Flags installation it's a public art installation made for the city of Vodnian (Dignano) in Croatia, part of the Public art festival "Sobe" curated by Antonio Storelli and the MAGAZAIN gallery.
This installation comes with the presentation of the new screen printed book. THE MASKS. (Cartataglio 1 by Strane Dizioni) (The masks book it's inspired to the african traditional masks and all the masks present in the society of any country, real masks or just masks of emotions.)

The Flags installation made by Andreco and Allegra Corbo, begins in the main square of the city, in front of the institutional building, arriving to the Magazain gallery. The flags path across also an other square location of the main church of the city.
Five days afther the installation the Croatian Church administration demanded to remove the flags in front of the facade, because apparently for some one they are the image of the Devil. Here the video.