"L'Erba Cativa" Andreco and Motus ph Marco sfrevol Montanari

L'Erba Cativa (l'an mor mai) 18 Luglio Santarcangelo dei Teatri

Natural Weaponry - Nature as Art

BolognaEstate 2015 logo

Piu Forte Dei Guai Bologna - Ph: E. Trovato

Performance, New Year Eve 2015 Andreco - Photo: Eleonora Trovato

Vecchione New Year Eve 2015 Bologna - Andreco - Photo: Luca Sgamellotti

Transition between states of matter -Screen print "From Cloud to Rock"

Hailstorm, Acrylic on wood 120x120 Traffic Gallery 2014

Clouds, Installation Traffic Gallery - (2014)

Ghost Track, Sassari, Italy

Sassari, Sardinia


Floating Rocks Dripping Oil NUart, Norway, Ph: John Rodger

Floating Rocks Dripping Oil, NUart, Norway.

Parade for the Landscape Leuca, Ph:Yacine Benseddik

Parade for the Landscape Leuca, Ph: Yacine Benseddik

Investigation on the Extreme Lands Leuca, Italy

Dolomia Dolomiti Contemporanee

Dolomia Dolomiti Contemporanee

Dolomia Dolomiti Contemporanee

Dolomia Dolomiti Contemporanee

Wooden sculpture, Hamburg, Germany

Wooden sculpture,  Hamburg, Germany ph:Pauline Fischer


Turin, Italy

Milan, Italy

Chiusa Pesio (CU), Italy

with Dem, DRO, Trentino, Italy

The philosophical Tree Bologna, Italy Ph:Marco Monetti

Bologna, Italy

Philosophical Tree Bologna, Italy Ph:Marco Monetti



Milan, Italy




Inverted Pyramid with Gaia, Rome, Italy

with Tellas, Rome, Italy

The green Man Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy

Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy


with Ericailcane, Morrocco, Sahara

My Tribe with Manuel Moruzzi, Morocco,Sahara

Tortoise Bologna, Palazzo Comunale, 2010

Parade For the Landscape, Leuca.  With Luca Coclite, Ph: Y. Benseddik